• <multi>[fr]Grains marcheurs polaires [en]Side-propelled walking particles</multi>

    Side-propelled walking particles

  • <multi>[fr]Trajectoires de gouttes nageuses [en]Trajectories of swimming droplets</multi>

    Trajectories of swimming droplets

  • <multi>[fr]Microscope confocal rotatif [en]Confocal rotative microscope</multi>

    Confocal rotative microscope

  • <multi>[fr]Colloïdes au microscope confocal [en]Colloids imaged in confocal microscopy</multi>

    Colloids imaged in confocal microscopy

  • <multi>[fr]Coques de cristaux liquides nématiques [en]Nematic liquid crystal shells</multi>

    Nematic liquid crystal shells

  • <multi>[fr]Coque de cristaux liquides cholestériques [en]Cholesteric liquid crystal shell</multi>

    Cholesteric liquid crystal shell

  • <multi>[fr]Mégacaryocytes dans un circuit microfluidique [en]Megakaryocytes in a microfluidic channel</multi>

    Megakaryocytes in a microfluidic channel

  • <multi>[fr]Membranes polymériques en ascension [en]Rising polymeric membranes</multi>

    Rising polymeric membranes

The main research themes of EC2M, a team of the laboratory Gulliver deal with the structural and/or dynamical organization of soft matter. Our main systems of interest are granular media, colloidal suspensions, emulsions, liquid crystal shells, polymer capsules and ... megakaryocytes.

Our research, of fundamental nature, can find numerous applications, for example in the production of blood platelets in microfluidics, or in the analysis of flow properties in industrial suspensions.